Dismals Canyon


Gordon Hempton

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You are listening to a sample of "Sipsey River" by acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton. "Sipsey River" was recorded in the Sipsey Wilderness just east of Dismals Canyon and represents basically the same eco-system.

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Gordon Hempton seeks out the last places on Earth that are free from noise created by human disturbances. Then, as one might compose a picture, he carefully positions himself to capture the perfect balance of the Earth's delicate melodies. Using a "Human" microphone affectionately called "Fritz", to place the listener in a wilderness amphitheater, he shares the three dimensional experience of being there. Gordon Hempton, DBA the Sound Tracker (TM), is an acoustic ecologist and sound designer who has provided quality audio services to musicians, galleries, museums, and media producers for more than 18 years. His work is recognized by The Charles A. Lindbergh Fund, The National Endowment for the Arts, The Rolex Awards for Enterprise, and The American Museum of Natural History. In 1992, Gordon received an Emmy Award for individual achievement in sound.


Nature can live without man, but man cannot live without nature.